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Bariatric Mattresses

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  • XXL-Rehab Bariatric Comfort Foam Mattress from Cobi Rehab
    24 0240-100-200

    This is a soft stable mattress that effectively distributes the load which enables the user to reposition himself/herself.  It is intended for bariatric users with a low risk of developing pressure sores.  Fits perfectly in nursing beds. Pressure relief mattress that also ensures the mobility of the user.

  • XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress
    24 0244-100-200

    The XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress is designed exclusively for bariatric users with a history of pressure sores, those with a risk of developing new pressure sores and also those with existing pressure sores up to Grade 4. Easy CPR function - note: This mattress requires high bed rails. Suitable for users up to 270kg.



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