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XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress

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The XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress is designed exclusively for bariatric users with a history of pressure sores, those with a risk of developing new pressure sores and also those with existing pressure sores up to Grade 4.

  • Easy CPR function - note: This mattress requires high bed rails.
  • Suitable for users up to 270kg.

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XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress

Many bariatric users struggle to reposition themselves in bed, some may be immobile or bedridden and so can benefit greatly from the features of the Alternating Mattress.

This special alternating mattress is controlled by a microprocessor run pump which works in an A-B cycle.

The cycle time is adjustable from 10 -20 minutes and creates some movement under the user.  This combined with a cell height of 21cm allows for relief and distribution of the load.

The mattress maintains various functions.  For example, activating "firm" ensures the mattress is evenly hard for 20 minutes and after this time it returns to alternating mode.  This greatly assists the carer by making it easier to facilitate transfer and help patients with hygiene tasks.

The Pump is almost silent and has an inbuilt special alarm funtcion in case of power failure or air-loss.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Grade 4.

Cover Polyurethane, Cells Nylon/Polyurethane.

Selectable cycle times - 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes

  • Maximum User Weight - 270kg
  • Length - 200cm
  • Width   - 100 / 200cm
  • Weight -   14 / 18 kgs
  • Pump Weight    3.8kg

The XXL-Rehab Alternating Mattress is prepared and shipped to Order - please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

Free delivery to mainland UK within 7 - 10 days.

Cobi Rehab are market leaders in bariatric care equipment manufacture and supply.

Cobi XXL-Rehab professional bariatric care products and bariatric equipment designed and manufactured in Denmark

Cobi Rehab specialise in positioning solutions for bariatric patients with the purpose of providing all day independency, comfort and relief.


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