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XXL-Rehab Minimaxx Bariatric Wheelchair with Drive Motor

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The Minimaxx wheelchair from XXL-Rehab is fitted with a strong power pack to assist the attendant to move the wheelchair  easily.  The Minimaxx is suitable for users up to 50 stone / 325 kilos.

  • Push motor is easy to operate.
  • Caregiver avoids sore shoulders and stress on wrists.
  • Different armrest options available.

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Minimaxx Power Assistance

Fitted with a removable PUSH powerpack and supplied complete with a battery charger.  Fits both 610mm and 710 mm Minimaxx seat widths.


The drive motor is easy for the attendant to operate.  One charge will operate a range up to 2.75miles.

The control panel is situated on the handle and enables the attendant to operate forwards and reverse and manage the speed up to 3.0 miles per hour.  

The solid castor wheels are set further in front in comparison to a standard wheelchair - this prevents the chair from tipping.

 Sloping Surface

The push motor is able to cope with inclines of up to 5 degrees, and when going down the slope, the disc braking system ensures the chair is secure.  Pull the lever and the wheelchair stops immediately.


The footrests can hold up to 100kg each.

The total weight of Minimaxx and powerpack combined is approximately 50kgs.


Chronically sick or users with a disabling condition qualify for 0% VAT.
To purchase at this price we will ask you to complete a VAT exemption form which will be sent to you with your purchase.
Plus - Free delivery to mainland UK  within 7-10 days of Order !

Cobi XXL-Rehab Minimaxx Brochure

Cobi XXL-Rehab Mobility Product Brochure

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Cobi Rehab are market leaders in bariatric care equipment manufacture and supply.

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