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XXL-Rehab Bariatric Fat Simulation Training Suit

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Bariatric Simulation Training Suit

 The XXL-Rehab Bariatric Training Suit, also known as the 'Simulation Suit' is made to educate and create a better understanding of the abilities and restrictions of a bariatric patient.

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The Bariatric Simulation Training suit is a key educational training aid designed to enhance the description of issues and difficulties faced by those with a larger body mass.

When you put on the 'fat suit', you obtain a much clearer view of bariatric mobility issues, the restricted movement of the body and difficulties related to the larger user that you may never have thought of before!

The bariatric simulation suit provides a higher degree of experience to medical professionals and healthcare staff who assist and care for bariatric users.

This product is used by XXL-Rehab during their regular Bariatric Training Days.

A key feature demonstration being the ability to practice moving and handling of large body mass, including hoisting, in a safe and controlled environment.  The XXL-Rehab suit takes minutes to fit, and is particularly useful as a teaching aid.


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Cobi Rehab are market leaders in bariatric care equipment manufacture and supply.

Cobi XXL-Rehab professional bariatric care products and bariatric equipment designed and manufactured in Denmark

Cobi Rehab specialise in positioning solutions for bariatric patients with the purpose of providing all day independency, comfort and relief.


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