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  • XXL-Rehab Comfort Cushion
    22 0230-055-045

    The XXL-Rehab Comfort Cushion Viscoelastic top. 2 way stretch incontinence cover. Suitable for users up to 325kg. This cushion is designed exclusively for bariatric users, the patented system of springs distribute the pressure to a larger surface and assure pressure relief. Please select at check-out if you

  • Bariatric Walking Frame
    24 0130-071-000

    The Bariatric Walking Frame is foldable, lightweight and height adjustable .  It is available in two widths with ferrules or with 2 wheels in front and offers a high degree of stability to the user. Foldable. Height adjustable. Lightweight frame. Designed exclusively for bariatric users. Please select at check-out if you qualify for V

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