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  • Cobi XXL-Rehab Comfort Cushion
    22 0230-055-045

    The Cobi XXL-Rehab Visco Comfort Cushion Viscoelastic top. 2 way stretch incontinence cover. Suitable for users up to 325kg. This cushion is designed exclusively for bariatric users, the patented system of springs distribute the pressure to a larger surface and assure pressure relief. Please select at check-out if you qualify for VAT relief.

  • XXL-Rehab Bariatric Walking Frame
    24 0130-071-000

    The Bariatric Walking Frame is foldable, lightweight and height adjustable .  It is available in two widths with ferrules or with 2 wheels at the front and offers a high degree of stability to the user. Foldable. Height adjustable. Lightweight frame. Designed exclusively for bariatric users. Please select at check-out if you qualify for VAT relief.

  • Heavy Duty Crutch (Pair)
    44 8041C

    This extra-strong crutch made from reinforced aluminium is designed for those users with longer term needs. The absence of adjustment holes makes the crutch ‘silent’ in use The crutch is supplied in one standard length and may be cut to the required length Choice of PVC handle or comfy handle Latex free (including ferrules) Please select at check-out...


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