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Foot Comfort

Foot Comfort On occasions, some of our wheelchair clients have asked about foot care - especially when dealing with sensitive skin conditions or needing care care support. The Pharma Fibres Heel Support Cushion presents an excellent solution for a foot care and pain relief.  The XXL Heel Support is made by Pharmaouest Industries in France and who have a reputation for making top pressure care products. This XXL support cushion acts as a positioning aid and allows comfort pressure relieving support for the heel area. [...]  Read more >

Bariatric Rehab Frame

Bariatric Rehab Frame Regarded as a key aid in bariatric rehabilitation, the XXL-Rehab Stand Tall is a truly multi-functional aid. The Stand Tall is designed to be used for mobilising from a seated position to standing, and supportive safe walking. The robust frame is safe to use, and provides a feeling of independence . The XXL-Rehab Stand Tall from Cobi Rehab has 2 built-in handgrips on the side of the frame which can be positioned to suit the user. The user can then stand up in small steps and feel in full and safe control [...]  Read more >

Minimaxx Service Centre

Minimaxx Service Centre Quite often, the stresses and strains of continued use of bariatric equipment can require even the best manufactured products to be regularly serviced. Here at bariatricshop.com we have a good range of parts for XXL-Rehab equipment from Cobi Rehab including the Minimaxx Wheelchair. In addition, the XXL-Rehab parts range benefits from being able to change the regular hygiene used surfaces - seats, armpads and footplates etc. With the experience of looking after a large rental fleet, our Service Workshop i [...]  Read more >

In the Frame ?

In the Frame ? The feedback we receive at the Bariatricshop from users of the Cobi XXL-Rehab frame shows what a great and diverse product this walking frame is. At 74cm width, the smallest of the two walking frames has been found to be a great benefit to smaller sized users.  The extra width allowing users to access or leave their seating with a greater degree of confidence.  In some cases, the wider stance allows the user to draw the frame much closer to their chosen position, in addition the frame balance provides a mu [...]  Read more >

Compact Plus Size

Compact Plus Size Just arrived, we are really pleased to receive our first Foicare P1W from the Foicare Factory. Built on the same lines as the successful P1 powerchair, the P1W has been widened to cater for plus size users. The P1W has a seat width of 55cm / 22 inches, enhanced with 23" between the standard swingaway armrests.  Wow, although the wheelchair design is definitely 'compact', the extra seat size finally allows our larger users a convenient mobility solution. Officially rated at 160/180kg maximum user weight, [...]  Read more >
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