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Minimaxx Service Centre

Minimaxx Service Centre

Quite often, the stresses and strains of continued use of bariatric equipment can require even the best manufactured products to be regularly serviced.

Here at bariatricshop.com we have a good range of parts for XXL-Rehab equipment from Cobi Rehab including the Minimaxx Wheelchair.

In addition, the XXL-Rehab parts range benefits from being able to change the regular hygiene used surfaces - seats, armpads and footplates etc.

With the experience of looking after a large rental fleet, our Service Workshop is able to carry out Minimaxx servicing and repairs, including re-configuring of wheelchairs to meet user Prescriptions.  A favourite upgrade being the fitting of front 'soft roll' castors, 'sport' profiled armrests and stump supports for amputees.

Of course, the Minimaxx is only part of the XXL-Rehab product range which we support including replacement cushions and new Lasal positioning aids.

If replacement XXL-Rehab spares are not in our local stock, we access Cobi's Copenhagen Headquarters via fast transit shipping couriers.

For a range of bariatric product parts, service and upgrades contact us here at bariatricshop.com.

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