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Foot Comfort

Foot Comfort

On occasions, some of our wheelchair clients have asked about foot care - especially when dealing with sensitive skin conditions or needing care care support.

The Pharma Fibres Heel Support Cushion presents an excellent solution for a foot care and pain relief. 

The XXL Heel Support is made by Pharmaouest Industries in France and who have a reputation for making top pressure care products.

This XXL support cushion acts as a positioning aid and allows comfort pressure relieving support for the heel area.

The fibre filled heel supports use hollowed siliconised polyester fibres which allow air to circulate easier. This enables the heel support to be well ventilated and helps control temperature to prevent the skin area becoming uncomfortable. 

This lightweight XXL size support is easy to use and secured with a self-gripping velcro type tab.  A key advantage is the ability to machine wash the Support at 30°.


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